The Guide to Sofa Bed Fabrics- Choosing the Right Fabrics for your Sofa Beds

When it comes to your next sofa bed, how are you going to choose the right fabric? A sofa bed is a place of relaxation and sleep. Most often, it is where your guests will go when they stay over. Making a good impression, and making the sofa bed last, relies on finding the best fabric. With so many sofa bed fabrics on the market, how are you going to find the one?

It is all about what is right on a personal level. The right fabric depends on your individual needs and budget. What is right for one person might not be for another. Figuring out the one that works best for you will require some research. That research is going to be well worth it once you get your sofa bed, though.

What Makes a Sofa Bed Unique?

Sofa beds are common place today. Most people have some experience with them, whether it was their own or they slept on one at a friend’s house. Whatever the experience, the sofa beds are all the same – versatile pieces of furniture that offer a place for guests to sleep.

The bed in the sofa remains hidden when not in use, but can come out in mere minutes when needed.  It makes it easier to keep the room tidy during the day, but perfect for sleeping at night. It adds an extra sleeping space without requiring additional space for a complete bed.

These sofa beds come in various types and sizes, too. You can find everything from twin to queen, and styles of all kinds. While the frame of the mattress is typically the same for every sofa bed, coming in either metal or wood, the rest of the sofa can change drastically.

What makes sofa beds unique, and so relevant today is that they add convenience. Whenever there is a need for an extra bed, it is there – and it takes up very little additional space. In all the cases, fabrics play an important role in making sofa bed unique.

Why Do You Need a Sofa Bed?

Whether you do not have an extra room or you want to have that extra bed around, you need a sofa bed. These are convenient and reliable, and they are lovely beds. These days, sofa beds are comfortable and more relaxed to use than ever before. They become the must for anyone and everyone.

The best part is that they take up little extra space. The sofa acts like a typical sofa, allowing you to sit, watch TV, talk, read, or do whatever when it is in the sofa position. Once you turn it into bed, it will take up just a few extra feet in front of the sofa – that is it.

Whenever you have guests or have a need for an extra bed in general, this is there for you. There is no need to worry about it or have an unused bed take up space. It is functional every day of the year and has added function in emergencies.

You can choose the sofa fabric and style, as well as the mattress type. Make this part of your home and your design while enjoying the added benefit of an extra sleep space.

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What's So Special About Fabrics Sofa Bed?

When you choose fabric for a sofa bed, you get more options regarding color, style, fantastic patterns, and texture to pick from. Other materials like leather don’t offer as many options as fabrics do. Fabric on a sofa feels more inviting, cozy and provides an opportunity to reupholster. Some models even come with removable covers that you can alternate as desired.

Fabrics offer more comfort than other sofa bed material, it does not absorb heat as quickly as leather and makes for comfortable seating for extended periods. And depending on the fabric quality, they have longer lifespans and may come with a stain-resistant finish for easy maintenance.

Why Do You Need Fabrics Sofa Bed?

Easy to maintain

Sofa bed fabrics are typically easy to clean and are durable. You can use mild shampoo for everyday spots, stains, and spills and use deep steam cleaning periodically. Microfiber sofas have the advantage of being waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about liquid spills. It is easy to remove pet hair from the fabric using a handheld vacuum cleaner and use spray vinegar for a fresh smelling sofa.


You cannot compare the fluffy comfort feel of a fabric sofa bed with other materials like leather or vinyl. Fabrics are not too cold or hot and don’t feel sticky. The material feels soft, cozy and firm. Since fabrics are available in many textures and types, you have many options to make your home relaxing, soothing, and comfortable.


You can get a high-quality sofa fabric at a lower price compared to suede or leather. They offer more budget flexibility that allows you to work with high qualities without worrying about the cost.

Plenty of style options

With sofa bed fabrics, you have many design choices and color options to suit every decor and personal preferences. It makes it easy to pick the perfect material to blend with your existing decor. Such opportunities are limited when it comes to leather.

Choosing the Sofa Bed Fabrics

For any sofa you purchase, you want to consider the fabric. The fabric of your couch is of the utmost importance, as it will determine your comfort and it will affect the room’s design.

There are two ways to determine which fabric is best: your personal needs and practicality of the fabric. Each fabric comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For your sake and your guests’ sake, you want to choose the right one. Do not fret, though. Choosing is easy so long as you know the facts.

Think about below points when choosing the fabrics Sofa bed.

  • How does the fabric feel?
  • Is it durable? Does it work for my level of usage?
  • How does it stand up against kids, pets, spills, food, or other fabric disasters?
  • How easy is it to clean?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • How does it look?

There are nearly endless questions to ask yourself about fabric before choosing one. Sofa bed fabrics come in a variety of types, each suited to different uses. Before you buy one, you have to consider what is right for you. Some fabrics, like suede and cotton, are bad for people with pets or kids. These can stain quickly and do not hold up well. Blend fabrics, on the other hand, are stronger. These can hold up against even the most active kids and pets, as well as substantial usage.

Do keep in mind that sofa bed usage is different from regular sofa usage. You take apart a sofa bed to pull out the bed. You are going to have someone using the sofa bed for hours at a time. Having a material that can hold up is crucial.

Beyond that, you want a comfort and design that you and others will like. After all, someone is going to see the sofa for hours at a time. Having something appealing is what makes the sleeping experience inviting and comforting. Here are the details when choosing the fabric sofa beds.

Fabric durability

Fabric durability varies depending on the room of use, the furniture, and the aspects of the family. You should consider woven patterns over printed ones, and higher thread count is woven tightly; denser fabrics last longer. If your pets will share the sofa then consider buying a microfiber fabric that can withstand the extra wear and tear.


Go for the fabric that will complement the interior décor and the existing furniture. It should fit harmoniously with the style and character of the piece it covers and the home. If you can efficiently merge two different styles, then go for it. This can add originality to your space. The style is what makes the sofa bed look formal or casual. The scale of patterns should be appropriate to the size of the furniture to be covered.


The fabric color is a very significant aspect and the very first one consideration when choosing a new fabric. It can cause a substantial impact on the home decor especially if the sofa bed is dominant in the space. Pick a color that you can live with for a long time. Going with neutral colors is the safest route since they can comfortably fit with other colors. The color temperature will strike the right mood in the room and avoid trendy colors which may date faster than the seat.

Special Considerations

Before making the purchasing decision, you should consider these particular aspects of the environment you will be placing the couch. These are related to the amount of sunshine the room gets, if the place is damp, and if you have pets at home which may share the sofa bed with you.

Fade resistance

This is essential especially if you plan to place the sofa in an area that gets lots of sunshine.

Mildew resistance

If your area is humid, fabric that is mildew resistant is required.


Fabrics that don’t attract dust and particles for example microfiber is essential if you or someone in the family is allergic to specific allergens.


If you have pets at home, avoid delicate fabrics like silk or those with a lot of texture.

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Types of Sofa Bed Fabrics:

There are a lot of sofa bed fabrics out there. Fabrics you can find include:

  • Suede
  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Faux Leather
  • Linen
  • Microfiber

Each material can come in different styles and colors. With materials like linen, leather, and microfiber, you have timeless styles that hold up. They are stain-resistant and do not collect dust, keeping them in good condition for longer.

Sofa Bed Fabrics 2

There are other materials, like suede and cotton which look nice, but the materials are weaker. They do not hold up as well. For a piece of furniture that gets regular use, they might not be ideal.

Here are the different types of fabrics for Sofa bed. The range of materials used to cover sofa beds is varied. As said earlier, they include microfiber, wool, textured cotton, nylon, and cotton-polyester among others.


The best quality sofa beds are the heart of a living room. You should know how to find out a good quality sofa bed among all the sofas available in the market. Best quality sleeper sofa ensures that you don’t have to replace it within a couple of years.

I hope this article will help you find the right quality sofa bed. There are many factors that responsible for a quality sofa bed. You need to look at the following things on a sofa bed when you buy them.


For a luxurious look, velvet is the fabric to purchase. Velvet never ages in style and has remained a favorite for around four millennia and is still lovable. Its texture is just gorgeous and relaxing to lie on. The fabric is very dye-friendly, so it can be found in many colors. This makes velvet the right choice to suit any decor. The material is very strong and durable; it can stand up to everyday use. Your pet’s claws don’t get stuck on the fibers since they don’t have loops.


Linen too has remained a favorite for thousands of years. It has a natural beauty and offers many practical features that many have come to value in their sofa beds. Linen is beautiful and has a natural sheen and unique texture that looks attractive in natural light. It feels soft and is cool to the touch even in very hot weather. Linen comes in plenty of color choices and is a low-maintenance fabric. It is considered allergy-friendly and is very durable.


This synthetic material has an elegant look like leather. It is easy to clean and rarely catch stains. It can withstand years of normal use, but sharp objects can tear it.

Textured Cotton

Sofa bed fabrics made of textured cotton are beautiful but are not recommended for high traffic rooms. Their textured feature makes them easily respond to wear and tear. They easily trap dust and particles and are not easy to clean.

Cotton and Polyester Blend

This blend provides an all-round fabric that has strength, comfort and comes in many color and pattern choices. It can withstand rigorous use of a household.


Recently microfiber has become the favorite for decor experts. It is softer than most fabrics and is very durable. The material provides adequate comfort, is easy to clean and is less expensive than leather. Its closely woven fibers minimize dust accumulation making it easy to clean and beneficial to those with dust sensitivity.

For our reader's interest, I am giving one reference. This company provides more than 900 different fabrics to any sofa beds. You can have a try if you like.

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Frequently Asked Questions about sofa bed fabrics

Que: Is a durable material that important?

Ans: Absolutely! You want a material that is going to stay strong. When it comes to a piece of furniture that gets regular use, durable material is a necessity. Otherwise, you may end up losing a lot of money in repairs, cleanings, and replacements.

Que: How vital is the sofa’s appearance?

Ans: The appearance comes down to personal preferences. Whichever is right for you is the design to choose.

Que: Will the material affect my sleep?

Ans: When sleeping on a sofa bed, the mattress itself is the most important. There are several types of mattresses, like memory foam and spring and hybrids, and those are going to determine sleep quality. The frame, too, will affect the quality of sleep.

Que: Will pull out the sofa damage the fabric?

Ans: Generally, no. Sofa bed designs should not damage the fabric at all, so long as the fabric and build quality are excellent.

Que: Any other resources about fabric sofa beds?

Ans: Please click here.

Final Verdict:

Before you can enjoy the comfort and beauty of a sofa bed, you must first take time and research on the best sofa bed fabrics. It is crucial that you carefully choose the color and style to match your home decor and fit with the existing furniture and curtains.

Whether you are replacing an old fabric or buying for a new sofa bed, you should consider the durability, pet-proof and ease of maintenance. With these tips, you can now go and get the sofa bed fabrics that suit your environment and taste. Out of all the fabrics, velvet takes lead in overall preference.


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