Ashley Furniture Signature Design Microfiber Sofa Review

Signature Design by Ashley Darcy Sofa is your top priority if you have been looking for comfortableness and relaxation. Most people thinks that relax means create or become less tense or anxious or take rest. But why relax is so essential? Relax is essential as it offers the following for you:

  1. Relaxing mostly protects your heart
  2. Relaxing really enhances your memory
  3. Comforting minimizes your stroke risk.
  4. Comforting keeps you safe from depression.
  5. Relaxing assists you make better decisions.
  6. Relaxing remains you slim.
  7. Tranquilizing or relaxing eases a skin condition.
  8. Tranquilizing or relaxing will keep you in the mood

If you’re having a lot of trouble in relaxation, it’s a good idea to have relaxed with the sweeping padded arms and plush pillow back sofa. This sofas are comfy. They even look comfy. You will get the real taste of relaxation sitting on this comfy sofa. 100% polyester and easy to clean and keep up.  Signature Design by Ashley Darcy Sofa can be used as a perfect gift item for any wedding ceremony. Everybody will love it.

Signature Design by Ashley Darcy Sofa is an exciting contemporary style.  The sweeping padded arms and upholstery collection is sure to stimulate the perfect decoration of any home environment. At the same time, It is offering the comfort that you have been searching for. Signature Design by Ashley Darcy Sofa has many colors. They are Stone, Cobblestone, Mocha, Red, Sage and Brown. You can select your favorite color to complete your decor.

Features of Signature Design by Ashley Darcy Sofa

  • Its design is fashionable
  • Product Plush Upholstered Arms
  • Stone Fabric Upholstery
  • Pillow Back Cushions
  • Fixed Back


  • Ashley Darcy sofa is comfortable and looks elegant
  • It's aesthetically pleasing and super soft
  • It is incredibly nice for the price
  • The armrests serve as a great headrests
  • Cushions are removable
  • Have Velcro on bottom so not reversible
  • Legs are extra made of hard plastic


  • It's plastic legs sometime does not look decent

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Frequently Asked Questions about Signature Design by Ashley Darcy Sofa

Que: Has anyone bought the cobblestone color? Is the picture accurate for color?

Ans: The color of the cobblestone Sofa will vary slightly according to what computer you use and how high your computers resolution is.

Que: Do I assemble the couch, or is it pre-assembled? Also, are the cushion covers washable?

Ans: It came assembled. No way to remove the covers. The cushions are attached to the couch

Que: Is the 'Stone' color more similar to a light grey than a cream color?

Ans: No it is more of a cream color than a grey.

Que: Do the red color sofa and the stone color one look darker than in the picture?

Ans: It is a lot darker than the picture shows.

Final Decision

Now-a-days, there are so many choices on your little spaces; it is simply a matter of choosing a sofa that appropriates for your own demand. The fashionable Signature Design by Ashley Darcy Sofa will certainly meet your need if you're seeking for an affordable, comfortable and excellent couch for the spaces of medium to small apartment. This is a great selection because of its comfort and stylish design. Therefore, we can earnestly recommend the item for our eminent clients.


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