P kolino little reader sofa, Blue – A perfect Toddler Sofa Review

P kolino little reader sofa is an amazing inclusion to your kids room. Every mother loves to decorate her kid’s room. They put a huge thought in design the perfect nursery for their little ones. The idea of designing the nursery room for one’s kid excites a mother to the fullest.

Mothers have a blast when they do this. Picking out the perfect color scheme or themes makes them exciting. But the real thing that makes a nursery perfect are the last little touches added to it. A rocking horse, a giant teddy bear to hug, a cute little shelf full of colorful books make the room different.

P’kolino is a company which excels in such touches with full range furnishing, toys, and arts. P kolino little reader toddler sofa is an item to add an excellent finishing touch to your child’s nursery.

P kolino little reader sofa is a cozy sofa with a fold out lounge. The P kolino little reader sofa made out of comfy foam. So, the child does not feel uncomfortable using this sofa. The fabric made out well.

The sofa is for your little child’s little reading purposes, so it has pockets to store books. The P kolino little reader toddler sofa is easy to fold out lounge. This toddler sofa has a wide base and a strong angular line.

It makes this look easy to the eye while being sturdy. The P kolino little reader sofa uses the materials of the highest quality out there. It used superior quality foam and built of comfortable, stain resistant fabrics. The design meets with the US, EU safety standards.

For whom the P kolino little reader sofa targeted?

or children aged 2-4. Although any children who can walk, can use the P kolino little reader toddler sofa.

Features of P kolino little reader sofa, Blue

The P kolino little reader sofa has quite some features that are suitable for kids. What makes the Pkolino little reader sofa suitable are:

  • Strength: The P kolino little reader sofa has a wide base and a strong angular construction. The materials used in it are top quality. This material makes the sofa sturdy. This toddler sofa won’t topple over from a little load added or any push given to it
  • No hard frames/corners: The P kolino little reader sofa uses soft foam. In its design, no hard part or edge designed. Thus if the child accidentally falls over the sofa or jumps on it, no sort of dangers of cuts or bruises are there.
  • Comfort: The P kolino little reader sofa uses 100% density foam. P kolino sofa has a right balance of comfort and supports much like a premium quality mattress. The stuffing is not lumpy, and no wooden frames or springs used in it. It makes the toddler sofa stand out in the zone of comfort.
  • Longevity: The P kolino little reader sofa uses grade furniture cover made of high-quality micro suede. It seems reinforced in the covers. Also with no hard parts like wooden frame or springs, there is nothing to wear out or break. It gives the sofa a long lifetime for your child to grow out of it.
  • Size Distribution: The P kolino little reader sofa is ergonomically better than most foam chairs on the market. It built to the size targeted to 2-4-year-old children with wide seats and armrests.
  • Maintenance: The P kolino little reader sofa cover is machine washable. It happens to make the maintenance of the sofa much easier.
  • Design: The design of the P kolino little reader sofa has colorful combinations in it. The color combinations don’t irritate the eye but stand out in their way. It's an excellent furnishing tool for the nursery rooms of children aged 2-4. You could pick up yours one from three colors blue, green and red.


  • Comfortable for children
  • Easy to climb on
  • Maintenance is easy
  • Durable
  • Safe for children
  • P kolino little reader sofa is Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Confirm to safety standards
  • Can be used as a sofa bed for toddler


  • Removing Pet hairs from the covers is difficult
  • The cover zippers are not as sturdy as the toddler sofa
  • Removing the cover is difficult from P Kolino little reader sofa

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Frequently Asked Questions about P kolino little reader sofa

Que: Is the toddler sofa flame retardant?

Ans: The way the foam and fabric constructed make for a product to comply with CA-117 flame retardant standards.

Que: How long is the P kolino little reader sofa when opened out?

Ans: P kolino toddler sofa is 38.5 inches long when opened

Que: Would this be suitable for 9-11-year-olds to sit on toddler sofa?

Ans: The recommended age for the P kolino sofa is 2-6 years old.

Que: Does it have a wood frame or is it like the poor foam ones?

Ans: P kolino toddler couch is made of high-density foam. There is no wood in this product. So, your kids won't get any hurt.

Que: What are the shipping dimensions and weight for the product?

Ans: The shipping dimensions are 30x17x12 inches, and the shipping weight is 9 pounds.

Que: Is the cover washable?

Ans: The cover can only be spot cleaned with a rag warm water and mild soap.

Que: Are there any sheets available that would fit these sofas?

Ans:  The sofa is not made to use with any sheets.

Que: Can two children sit on the toddler sofa at once?

Ans:  Depending on their size, two small children can easily fit on it.


The P kolino little reader sofa is a great addition to a child’s nursery room. It has stylish looks and is reliable regarding safety and longevity. The producer recommends this product for ages 2-4. But any child who can walk can safely use this sofa for their enjoyment.

Children can play, hang out, watch movies, read and even slip on the sofa when unfolded. P kolino sofa has some minor maintenance difficulties. However, in our research judgement the P kolino little reader sofa can be purchased for the play room of a child.


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