How to get rid of old sofa bed?

So, you do not feel comfortable with your old sofa bed or mattress? That’s quite a problem because a sofa should be comfy in the first place and if it isn’t then you should do something about it! It might be about time to get rid of the old sofa bed or the mattress or both!

You have tried repairing but all in vain!

Some people try to repair the beds of their sofas to make them more comfortable. This is also done to get rid of squeaky noises which often come when we sit or get up from the couches. If repairing the sofa bed does not solve your problem then you may need to replace it entirely.

Same goes for mattresses, people try to replace mattresses, but to no avail, they are not able to get the same feeling of comfort which they used to have with their sofa because of adjustments or some other support issues. In this case, you must get rid of it also.

Disposing of is the only solution?

Now if you want to keep your sofa but want to get rid of the bed or mattress then you can do it because to make space for the new furniture you must, first of all, get rid of the old one. There are lots of options when disposing of the unwanted furniture items such as old sofa bed or mattress so that we would be discussing some of them below.

Caution about old sofa bed!

Before dumping the sofa bed or the mattress, you must be aware of the fact that in many countries it is forbidden to put specific items on the curb. If you do, then you may find yourself in a situation with the law because in many countries illegal dumping is considered a punishable offense.

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Hire a Junk Removal Company

So in our opinion, the best and the quickest way to get rid of the old sofa bed or mattress is to hire junk furniture removing company! You do this by calling the nearby expert junk eliminating crew, and in return, they can pay you for your furniture if they find it reusable after refurbishment.

The junk removing companies are always recommended because, although new furniture pieces which are available in the market are quite lightweight most are quite heavy so it requires someone who is professional who can disassemble the furniture. It does not matter if you have a residential or office furniture these junk removing experts have all the required equipment and resources to dispose of the unwanted furniture items.

Sell it to someone Interested or sell it online

Another option is to sell your sofa bed or your mattress to someone who is interested in buying old furniture at a low cost. You may not pay much heed to the idea of selling your sofa bed but always remember that it may have value for someone else. There are lots of furniture recycling companies that take old furniture related items, and it’s the best way to sell your furniture quickly. You can sell your sofa bed or mattress to them, and then after buying from you, they refurbish the furniture items and sell them again.

Apart from selling to refurbishing companies, you can also sell your old sofa online. Currently, it is the most used option as people are selling their old or unwanted stuff online and getting a decent amount of return. There are dedicated websites on which people sell their old belongings and get paid if they get sold.

If you are virtuous, then donate it!

Well, there is also an option, and it is to donate your old sofa bed. This is the natural and appropriate way to get rid of the old sofa bed. Many people prefer to give their furniture to make room for new furniture or if they are moving out and don’t want to keep the old furniture. Donating furniture is an excellent choice because many people are in need of basic furniture and your old furniture could go to someone’s home as a prized item.

Many charities take donations of furniture. These foundations often provide the old furniture to the people who are in need or sell them to generate funds. The old sofa bed or mattress might not be as comfortable for you but be something to treasure for someone!


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