Junior Sofa Lounger, Racy Pink Review

With this DHP Rose Junior Sofa Lounger, you may love decorating any children’s bedroom. This bedroom is the central point of a child’s life! But how to decorate a child’s bedroom? How can you make the most of your tiny house? It’s challenging to fit all the basics such as a bed, a closet, desk, a hamper etc. into a children’s bedroom. Choosing this pink sofa bed can suit any bedroom theme. It’ll undoubtedly cheer your kids. In addition, it's low value and simple to keep up. That’s why it is the best couch for kids.

DHP Rose Junior Sofa Lounger is attractive for its pink color. Pink colors enhance the feeling of space, while darker hues tend to close in. On the other hand, if space is really an issue, this sofa-bed can free up a lot of space for its twin functionality: converts easily sofa to a bed. It certainly adds a nice touch to décor.

This junior sofa ensures safety and security for the kids. It is very low to the ground, so your little kid won't get hurt. Children spend a significant amount of time watching TV, playing games, reading books etc. either sitting on a sofa or a bed. In this regard, DHP Rose Junior Sofa Lounger can play a significant role for their amusement. 

Features of DHP Rose Junior Sofa Lounger Racy Pink

  1. Very attractive pink sofa bed
  2. Product Dimensions of this junior sofa =30 x 46 x 26 inches
  3. Specially made for children.
  4. It is vibrant microfiber upholstery
  5. Need some assembly
  6. It can hold up to 600 lbs.
  7. A very good quality sofa and stylish too!
  8. It's sturdy and the mattress is firm.
  9. DHP Rose Junior Sofa lounger is recommended for age between 4 to 12 years
  10. Space-saving design


  • Any child would love to sit on this junior sofa and read books.
  • Perfect for a toddler and ideal for bedroom and playroom.
  • Easily converts from sofa to lounger
  • Easy to assemble - just put the legs on.
  • Very cute and comfortable
  • Versatile sofa, easy for playing, napping or sleeping
  • Well-made and solid to fit for the best couch for kids
  • Junior sofa lounger is low-priced and easily affordable.


  • Couch bed for kids only
  • Legs need to be screwed on.
  • Tiny Sofa bed

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What to consider before buying this Junior Sofa Lounger ?

Before purchasing, think about the color choice, fabrics, comforts, quality, construction of the frame, prices of the sofa bed. Then look to your room arrangement and ask yourself. Does it fit and go with your home décor and suitable for children? Does it ensure safety for your children? Is it a branded product? Is the shipping free or does it have any warranty?

Review these things before you go for purchasing Rose sofa, not to put money into a project with no chance for a return on the investment. You will find that DHP Rose Junior Sofa Lounger almost fulfills all the criteria above. It is specially designed for children's sofa bed as well as the best couch for kids. It also represents good value for money. So, it would be a wise decision to consider buying this Rose sofa for your children.

Frequently Asked Questions about DHP Rose Junior Sofa Lounger, Racy Pink

Que: What is the overall length of this couch?

Ans: Length is 48 inches.

Que: What are the sizes of the sofa bed?

Ans: Small but perfect size for kids 12 and under

Que: Can I reupholster this kid’s sofa sleeper?

Ans: Yes, you can.

Que: What is the fabric of this pink sofa bed?

Ans: It's microfiber.

Que: Is it sturdy?

Ans: Yes, Its construction is very well.

Que: is it easy to assemble the legs?

Ans: Yes, just remove from the box and put the legs on.

Que: What is the height from floor to the seat?

Ans: About 12 inches.

Final Comments:

Finally, our research shows there is no other better quality sofa bed than this for children under 12. Moreover, it not only enhances the outlook of the living room but also makes your kids ever jolly and cheerful. They will be able to play games, watch tv, read books or sleep comfortably on it. Therefore, we can recommend this special sofa lounger for your kids.


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