How to take care of your Sleeping Sofa? The Easy Tips of Sofa Care

A sleeping sofa is an expensive investment. It is the best part of your living room for decoration. We do not buy them very often. So once you buy a couch, it becomes necessary to take care of it so that it can last long. There are some simple things you can do to look after your sofa bed.

Easy Tips for caring for your Sleeping Sofa

Putting weight on the arm of sleeping sofa:

Bear in mind; you do not sit or stand on the arms of your sofa if your sofa has the armrest. Often, children are found to rest on the armrests of the couch. Sitting on the front edge of the seats may also shorten the life of your sofa. So you need to make aware of it among your family members.

Keep away your sleeping sofa from Sunlight and Heat:

Place your sleeping sofa away from strong and direct sunlight. The sunlight fades the fabric quickly. So put your furniture away from direct and intense sunlight. You should also keep your sofa away from any heat.

Leg and cushion care:

Use a damp napkin rinsed in a bit warm water to clean the legs of your sofas. In case your sofa has wooden legs polish them with a natural wax once in a while. It’s better to rotate and flip the cushion of sleeping sofa now and then.

Clean your sleeping sofa with brush or vacuum cleaner:

Regular cleaning can help prolong the lifespan of your furniture. To prevent dirt from building up work with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush.

Use slipcover on your sleeping sofa

Preventing stains is another crucial factor to consider. Frequently entertaining guests or if you eat or drink on the sofa, it may result in marks and spots on the couches. If you want to maintain the furniture looking as good as new, slipcovers work very well in this regard. You can do the cleaning as the need arises, but preventative and regular care is highly advised.

A slipcover keeps the sofa away from dust or stains. It also gives the longevity of the couches. To restrict the chance for a spot that is permanent, pay attention that is prompt to spillages. Use a clean towel or move to soak up the spillage as much as possible.

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See Manufacturer’s tag attached to the sleeping sofa

Sometimes you may need a thorough cleaning to remove any dirt, oils, and stains. Not all the fabrics can be washed in the same way. You have to follow the manufacturer's instructions that are given with your sofa. Their tag will be able to tell you what you should use to clean your sofas.

For cleaning a leather made sleeping sofa bed, you may need to wipe the couch with a damp piece of cloth. It will shine out of your sofa.

Make separate arrangement for your pets

If you have pets such as dogs or cats, keep them away from the sleeping sofa. Instead, you can arrange a bed for your pets So that they can sit on them. It will help your couches cleaned for a longer time.

Take professional service for your sleeping sofa:

There are a couple of occasions; you can take help from professional sofa cleaning services at least once a year. Such as, if you use too much of your sofa or if you have large family members or if you have a sleeping sofa with non-removable covers. This service will help you cleaned those non-removable covers and keep it tip top condition for the year round.


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