How to Repair a Sofa Bed – The Ultimate Guide

A sofa bed is a significant investment. You cannot buy it frequently. So, you should take care of it. Sofas are the most used furniture items in a household. Regular use can make your sofa to sag and can sometimes be in need of repairs.

Some owners may decide to completely replace their sofa, while others may try to save some money by fixing at home. Don't bother about how to repair a sofa bed. It’s not rocket science. Rather you would enjoy doing it once you started. Follow these below steps. I am sure you would be able to fix it.

Check and locate the affected place:

If the couch bed makes noise at the time of sitting or sleeping, try to find the place where it is coming from. Inspect your sofa bed minutely. Remove the cushions along with mattress if any. Then turn the sofa bed over. Thoroughly check. Look for any missing part.

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Nuts and Bolts of Sofa:

Maximum convertible sofa bed has a metal framework. If you use it frequently, the nuts and bolts get losing. So, watch out for any loose nuts or missing bolts from the frame. Replace them with new nuts and bolts using appropriate tools.

Bent Metal Framework:

Make sure the frame of the sofa is alright. Remove the sofa cover and open the sofa bed. If the sofa bed has a mattress, take out the mattress from the couch. If your sofa has a bent metal frame, you can probably straighten it out by hammering the frame straight. Tighten any loose screws and replace any screws that are missing from the frame.

Broken Wood Framework:

Check for any cracked wood on the frame of a wooden sofa. If the frame is broken or has cracks, take a plywood. Cut it according to the size of the broken part and apply glue. Place it on the top of the broken piece and screw it into the frame. Your frame will be enough stronger to use it properly. You need to check all the wooden part for any cracks. If you find a minor crack on the joints, just apply glue and use it after it is dried up.

Folding mechanism:

There should be an easy folding system. If the folding mechanism is stuck, apply some metal lubricant to help the parts moving smoothly.

Inspect the sofa spring:

You should also check the couch springs whether they are broken or twisted. In that case, you need to buy the couch springs and fix them properly. Sometimes the springs suffer from inadequate support due to the broken platform. Thus it causes sagging. You can buy support strips to strengthen the platform or make supports from plywood.

To improve your sitting posture, you can buy Sagging Sofa Cushion Support from It will help your sagging sofa sit up straight again. This cushion support for sagging couch will also give your old sofa a new look.

Cushions or Pillows of sofa bed:

Check the cushions. Sofa cushions get worn out over time. Replace them with new fillings or new foam padding to make it nicer and comfortable. It is not a big deal. You can always buy new cushions without any repairing.

Sofa bed Mattress:

You need to check the sofa bed mattress. If there are any holes, just sew them. If repair is not possible, buy a new mattress for your sofa bed. Sagging mattress can make a bad night of rest for your visitors. You can cover the mattress with a topper. The idea is to provide ample padding.

Use Slipcover:

You need to clean your couch regularly. Make use of vacuum cleaner regularly. It is almost unavoidable to keep your sofa bed clean or stain free especially if you have kids or pets. Sometimes it is hard for you to change the fabric or leather of your sofa bed. In that case, slipcovers are the easiest solution.

The slipcover will safeguard your sofa from stains or spills. It will help your sofa from that ruin. Moreover, it adds life to your sofas. So, buy a slipcover if you think the repairs of fabric or leather is not possible. Slip cover will also make your old sofa look new.

Repair broken legs:

A broken sofa leg can cause your sofa bed to wobble and creak. Inspect the sofa leg to see the amount of damaged part. If the leg is slightly cracked or damaged, then apply glue. Otherwise, the broken leg should be removed. Gather a few tools to fix the leg and attach the new leg to the frame.

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By now that you have learned how to repair a sofa bed. You certainly don’t need to replace your whole sofa bed just for a few parts. Try to fix at home. Sometimes a little refurbishment can revive your sofa bed without having to invest too much. If necessary, you can take help from Sofa Repair Professionals.


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