How to Clean a Sleeper Sofa at home? The Tutorial of Sofa Cleaning Process

Who doesn’t love a Sleeper Sofa? I know that I do. The reasons are pretty straightforward. From my childhood, a sofa cum bed really fascinated me. And today they have become an essential piece of furniture in an apartment-style living. With a limited number of rooms available in the apartments, we can easily convert our living room into a guest room.

How do you ask? Well, the answer is, sleeper sofas. These sofa beds get dirty for many reasons. So, to make them inviting as the best sleeper sofa, one should learn how to clean a sofa bed at home properly.

So, before jumping into the cleaning procedure, you will need to pre-clean your sofa set without any liquid or water. Well after years of experience with bedding and household commodities, I have found genuinely fruitful methods that might solve your cleaning problems.

There are a number ways how your precious sleeper sofa can get dirty. Sometimes chips crumb spilled drinks, animal furs or unknown stain marks might ruin the look and impression of your sleeper sofa. Each kind of stain takes different methods to clean.

So, Now Get Preparation for Learning of how to Clean a Sleeper Sofa

How to pre-clean your sleeper sofa?

You will need to pre-clean your sleeper sofa set without any liquid or water before starting your cleaning procedure. The primary purpose of your pre-cleaning is to find out the reason for the stain and point out the spot that needs more attention. How to do it? The ways are pretty simple.

Use the vacuum cleaner

First, remove all the cushions and stretch out your sleeper sofa. You will need to remove the surface dust. Run the vacuum cleaner throughout all the reachable areas. Aim for the tricky regions where dust accumulates easily. Yes, I am talking about all the narrow corners of your sofa bed. After running the vacuum cleaner several times all over the surface, you are ready to go to the next step.

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Use bristles

After the vacuum cleaning, now you will need a soft bristle made of brush. There should be some places in your sleeper sofa where it is impossible to clean with a vacuum cleaner. The sticky parts! Run the brush over the stains. The dried-out stains will be loosened up by this procedure. Now you will have to rerun the vacuum cleaner.

If you have any pet, you will have to do some extra work. You must know how hard it is to clean fabric made sofas when you have a pet cat or dog with you. They will leave lots of furs. Brush up the furs. But with careful! You wouldn’t want to damage the soft fabrics.

Determine what type of fabric your sofa sleeper has

If you check the info of your sleeper sofa, you see that there is coded tag to determine which type of fabric your couch has. Not all the fabrics can be washed in the same way. This is a critical issue. I have seen a lot of people who don’t know what type of cloth their sofa had. They ended up ruining their couch entirely. So, before you jump into the primary cleaning function, you should always check what type of fabric your sofa has.

Tag name






Cleaning procedure

Use a water-based detergent with a steam vacuum

Same as “W” or dry washing

Only dry washing

Organic meaning only to be washed with cold water.

Either vacuum and bristle-brush, if you want shampooing consult professional help.

Cleaning Fabric Sofas with a Detergent and Water

Okay, let me assume that you have gone through the pre-cleaning part. Now you will need to either wash it with water or do a dry cleaning. So, I’ll first tell how you will clean your sleeper sofa with a water-based detergent and steam cleaner.

Apply pre-conditioner

You will need some pre-conditioner for doing this. You might find some difficulties to find it in your local grocery store. But don’t get afraid so soon. You can just order them online.

You might be asking me why would actually need it. It will loosen up the stain marks and make it easier for the shampoos to clean the dirt and stains. But you should try it on a single spot to test it and see if it is discoloring the fabric or not. If it’s okay, then spray the pre-conditioner all over the sleeper sofa.

Prepare the detergent water solution

You will need to prepare a solution of water-based detergent and water. The perfect proportion of water and detergent should be 3:1.

Apply the solution

Now apply the water-detergent solution to the spot where you tested the pre-conditioner in the first place. Check again and see if it discolors or not. If it does, then mix some more water in the solution. Simply make it thinner. Use a vacuum cleaner and pour this solution into the tank of the steam vacuum cleaner.

Now just move the nozzle of the steam vacuum cleaner across the fabric. Don’t forget any corner. You will have to continue using the vacuum cleaner until the fabric color becomes clean as new again.

Remove excess detergent

After washing, look for any place that has excess detergent. Remove them, or it may leave an additional stain. Gently remove them by using brushes or by sucking up using the vacuum cleaner.

Leave the sofa to air-dry

If your room has any fan, turn it on. Simply let the sofa to air-dry. You won’t need extra heat to provide. Actually, it might backfire using heats to make it dry.

So, this is how you could clean a sleeper sofa by using water-based detergent with a steam vacuum. But remember this type of cleaning should only be done when your couch has “W” or “WS” type of tag attached to it.

Cleaning a Sleeper Sofa by a Dry-clean

Some fabrics are not suitable using water-based detergent or cold water wash. In these specific case, you will have to do a dry cleaning or leave it to the professionals. Now I am going give you a full detail procedure about how to do a dry cleaning at home.

Buy a dry-cleaning solvent

I bet a lot you guys thought that dry cleaning doesn’t require anything liquid. Well, mates, you are wrong. There is solvent available at the market for dry cleaning. Unlike the pre-conditioner, I discussed above; they are available at the local groceries and supermarkets. Or you order them online.

Pour the solvent into a clean rag

You will need a rag, the cleaner, the better. Now pour down some dry-cleaning solvent in the rag. But before doing so, you should open up the windows and doors. The dry-cleaning solution has a strong pungent odor. One more thing, you will just need a very little solvent. They are pretty darn strong.

Apply the soaked rag

Instead of rubbing them all over the fabric, just press it against the fabric. Let the solvent get soaked by the fabric. After applying, take a look and see if it is working. Before doing this all over the sofa, do a spot test. Check to see if it is discoloring. If not, you are good to go. Give it time to get soaked. Don’t rush. Gently apply it to all over the sleeper sofa, especially in the zones where stains are common and most dirty.

Rub it with a damp cloth

After applying the dry-cleaning solvent, you will need to clean it with a wet piece of cloth. Take a clean cloth and make it damp with hot water. Be careful; you will just need to make it damp not to get it soaked with water. Gently rub the cloth over the fabric and leave your sofa to air-dry.

Cleaning a Leather Made Sleeper Sofa

I know those of you who are a proud owner of leather sofas are finding this blog a bit biased. Don’t worry mates. I am here with you. Well, wiping the couch with a damp piece of cloth is a good idea. But it will steal the shine out of your precious sofa cum bed. And you should do some regular cleanings too. It will enhance the service life of your sleeper sofa as well as shine like a diamond. So, let’s see how you can do it at your home.

Purchase a leather cleaner or white vinegar

There are cleaners available that are solely targeted to clean leathers. You cannot find them at a departmental store. Walmart has failed us in this sector I would say. As usual, finding it online is a terrific solution. If it is too hard to find, you can use vinegar instead As you know vinegar is light acid. They will just be perfect for your leather made sleeper sofa.

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Apply the cleaner to the sofa

Don’t use them directly! You should probably use a rag. Pour the leather cleaner or vinegar in the rag and gently wipe it through the sofa. Take extra care if you find the stickier stain marks. Eventually, you do this cleaning once a month to make your sleeper sofa a brand new for a long time.

Use a dry cloth

After using the wet rag, take another piece of dry rag and wipe again. Or else it may leave stain marks.

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Okay, guys. This is all about cleaning your sleeper sofa. I hope you have found it helpful. Stay connected for more useful articles. Till then, goodbye.


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