Fabric VS Leather Sofa – Which One to Choose!

The sofa has a vital role in decorating your house. But, it is tough to pick a sofa between fabric and leather. Both fabric and leather sofa has some advantages and disadvantages. When you choose your best sofa, you should also consider your lifestyle and the interior design of the room. Above all, how you are going to use your sofa. However, we are trying to give a comparative analysis about Fabric vs Leather sofa.  We hope this guide will help you decide which sofa is right for you and your family.

A) Comfort: 

Everyone has a different concept of comfort. According to our observation, fabric sofa is much more comfortable than leather one. The main reason is that material of fabric is softer than leather. The fabric is neither hot nor cold. Fabric sofa is less affected by humidity as compared to leather one. It is very easy and pleasant for all the year-round. On the other hand, leather absorbs heat and becomes hotter in the summer. It is a bit cold in the winter.

B) Maintenance fabric vs leather sofa

Food or drink can easily stain fabric sofa. Fabric sofa absorbs odors and stains more than leather. So the maintenance of leather sofa is a bit easier than fabrics. The Cleaning of the couch is a hassle. If you have large family members or kids leather might be a smart choice instead of fabric. On the other hand, leather can fade to some degree if exposed to the Sun. So you must take care of your leather sofa from sun or heat.

The leather is stain resistant. It is not as absorbent as cloth. It’s very easy to clean. A regular vacuum and a damp cloth are enough for cleaning. Fabric can be hard to clean if stained. As a result, most of the fabric sofas have the stain.

The cleaning cost of fabric sofa is much more than the leather sofa. In this situation leather, might be a better solution. Nowadays there are a lot of fabric covers are available to put on fabric sofa. It means that they are now easier to wash and clean. So, this removable cover can help your couch stay clean and fresh for a longer period.

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C) Durability

Generally, fabrics have a shorter lifespan than leather. Fabric sofa usually has a very low level of durability 5-6 years. Leathers are durable and last longer. You might use this type of sofa for 10-15 years. In this respect buying a leather sofa is an excellent value for money.

D) Color Option

Fabric provides a good number of colors that fits any decor. The downside is that the colors tend to fade out quickly as it gets old. With fabric sofa, you can find almost any color or texture to suit your style.

On the contrary, the color of leather sofa is more lasting. But, you will find leather has less variety of colors for decorating your room. You may find them in brown, ash or black color in most of the time.

E) Pets:

You have to keep your pet away from the sofa. If you have pets, you should prefer fabric sofa. Fabric doesn’t get scratched like leather does. On the other hand, leather sofas are more vulnerable to scratch. So if you are an animal lover, you may go for fabrics one.

F) Budget

The cost of both types is determined by the quality of the sofa and its frame. However, the cost of leather sofa come at a higher price than fabric. You can say it is for rich people. As leather sofa lasts longer than cloth, the higher price can term as an investment. Fabric sofas are quite affordable. There are different types of fabric sofas to suit different budgets.

G) Appearance

Fabric sofa makes your room a relaxing place. You will feel cozy and warm with fabric sofa. Leather sofas are typically more trendy than fabrics. Nothing can add instant elegance, and luxury like a leather sofa does. A leather sofa with its classic appearance makes your room to look a bit modern and sophisticated. But you cannot get the same effect with fabric sofas. Leather goes with a variety of styles, and the color of the room. It makes leather sofa to mix with other pieces of furniture very quickly. It looks luxurious and pleasing to everyone’s eye.

H) Safer

Leather sofas are safer for those who have allergies. The reason is, leather does not absorb dust or odor. On the other hand, you have to regularly clean your fabric sofa if you want to make it allergy free.

Fabric or Leather Sofa

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Bottom line

In short, both fabric and leather sofas are beautiful in their nature and have their benefits. The leather is elegant and trendy. It is usually more durable but expensive, and easy to clean. On the other hand, fabric is affordable, comfortable, offers a variety of colors.

From the comparison between fabric vs leather sofa, you can now focus on which sofa you really want. Fabric or leather? When making decisions, take into account your own preferences and the decor of the room as well.


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