DHP Sienna Sofa Sleeper Review

DHP Sienna Sofa Sleeper can certainly make your living room to look elegant and a bit modern in an affordable way. Your living room is the focal point of all the social gatherings such as entertaining, spending time with friends and family, watching TV etc. You have to make sure it complements both seating and sleeping arrangements. That’s why your living room needs to be adorned with perfect sofas and beds. The DHP Sienna Sofa Sleeper is out there to fulfil all youe requirements and it almost goes with any home décor.

This gray linen DHP Sienna Sofa Sleeper with its textured upholstery gives a sophisticated look that works with most living room décor. You can easily fold down the seat of the sofa and make a comfortable lounger or sleeper. The foam padding provides extra comfort which is an added advantage. Doesn’t sink – firm to sit but very comfortable as a bed. The sturdy wood frame construction gives better durability.

You can easily place this sophisticated coach in your living room or office. The most interesting thing about this gray sleeper sofa is that you can easily fold down the seat for a quick nap if you require. This modern sofa sleeper is ideal for a studio apartment or small house with no spare guest room.

​​​​Specifications and features of DHP Sienna Sofa Sleeper:

  • Grey color upholstery doesn't show dirt
  • Linen fabric
  • Tapered wooden legs
  • Tufted detailing
  • Foam padding to give extra comfort
  • Sturdy wood frame construction
  • A reinvented mid-century modern design


  • DHP Sienna Sofa Sleeper has high-quality linen fabrics
  • Easy to install the armrest and legs
  • Doesn’t take too much space & easily fit in any room
  • You can easily transform sofa to a bed
  • They are attractive and good looking
  • DHP Sienna Sofa Sleeper is more durable
  • Very comfortable because of foam padding
  • These coaches are good looking


  • Not long enough for taller people
  • Armrests need to be screwed firmly or else they become loose

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Frequently Asked Questions about DHP Sienna Sofa Sleeper

Que: Do the armrests come off when it is folded out as a bed?

Ans: No, they are screwed into the frame.

Que: What are the dimensions of this futon or sofa?

Ans: 34 x 80.5 x 33 inches

Que: What is the size of the futon/bed when it's down in the bed position?

Ans: It's a double.

Que: When the couch is folded down as a bed what the dimensions are?

Ans: When the couch is folded down the dimensions of "mattress" is about 42" x 72".

Que: Is it a comfortable and big enough when lying on it?

Ans: It's much more comfortable and is big enough for two people to lay out when extended.

Final conclusion:

Simply speaking, if you like your room to look a bit modern and sophisticated but in a simple way, then this DHP Sienna Sofa Sleeper is out there to meet your needs. It is one of the best sleeper sofas which is stylish, space saving and looks elegant. We can sincerely recommend this gray sleeper sofa for our renowned clients and customers for their efficient use. You will surely be pleased with it once you have it.


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