DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress Review

DHP 8 Inch Futon Mattress is pretty comfortable for a bed or couch if you like a bit firm mattress. DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress, Full Size, Black provides a very cool sleep to any person. Sleep performs a significant role in your physical health. For example, sleep is involved in healing as well as curative of your heart and blood vessels.

Ongoing sleep shortage is linked to an increased risk of different diseases like heart diseases, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. Hence, it is clear to us that sleep controls our daily life. So, we should look for those things which are supportive for our sound sleep. DHP 8 inch premium futon mattress is amazing for both sitting as well as cool sleeping.

It is necessary to know that DHP 8 Inch Futon Mattress provides comfort and support with its 522 independently-encased coils. It is the perfect harmonize to any futon, and will provide a dreamy slumber that you never thought was possible on a futon mattress! This is now available in chocolate brown, black, charcoal and tan color.

What is special about this premium futon mattress?

DHP 8 inch premium futon mattress is very useful. You could use it as a bed. The microfiber cover is very soft and supportive. The mattress is unbelievably comfortable and very supportive. Tremendous upgrade over the futon mattress.

The 8 inch Futon Mattress is nice for its low price. It makes a good spot for reading a book or watching a movie and provides a comfortable night's rest.

If you have a restricted budget, however, want to have a mattress for your couch frame or a full-size mattress to sleep on, DHP 8 inch Futon mattress can meet your needs. It is the best futon mattress for sleeping. Those who are bedding snob would definitely like this mattress and it would exceed their expectations.

Features of  DHP 8 Inch Futon Mattress

  • 15-gauge independently-encased coils
  • Quality foam and polyester layering between cover and coils for most advantageous comfort
  • Fits with any standard FULL-sized futon frame
  • Independently, beautifully pocketed 15-gauge pocket coils
  • Suits with any standard Full futon frame
  • Contains microfiber mattress cover


  • Relatively small price
  • heir customer service is amazing.
  • Feel very comfortable and supportive
  • Premium futon mattress can be used on a bed frame too.
  • Best futon Mattress for sleeping
  • It is free from sags


  • It has minor resistant to folding and staying put.
  • The mattress has a rubbery smell, however, won’t last long

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Frequently Asked Questions about DHP 8 inch Futon Mattress

Que: Is it quite big enough for 2 persons to sleep comfortably on this premium futorn mattress?

Ans: Yes, It's quite big enough for 2 persons and you will have a good night sleep.

Que: It  will be folded as a couch most of the time and maybe once a month used as a bed. Will it stay folded on the couch?

Ans: It really depends on the frame you use. A Frame that folds into slightly tilted up couch works best because then the weight of the mattress will keep it in place once folded.

Que: Is the cover washable?

Ans: There is no cover, technically. So, no, It isn’t washable. You need to purchase a cover for this.

Que: Will it be comfortable as a couch?

Ans: The mattress is very thick and firm but comfortable.

Final Words

You can't beat the price for this quality product. According to consumer’s reviews and ratings at Amazon, it can be said that the users are extremely getting merits from DHP 8 Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress. Accordingly, we can sincerely recommend this premium Futon mattress for our renowned clients for their responsive and efficient using.


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