Best Sofa For Back Pain or Back Support | Reviews & Buying Guide

The best sofa for back support, in other words, a firm couch for bad back can treat the problem like back pain, joint problem, muscle pain. All these problems mostly caused by the wrong posture even though you have the best sofa for back pain. So what makes people suffer from this pain and numbness around the body muscles?

Sometimes any physical injuries or bone diseases are also the reason of this issue. But wrong postures are the cause of the back trouble in most cases. Furthermore, it could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome if the things are getting worse.

So, how can we subsist such problem like these? First thing, you have to learn about proper postures and the bad postures. Then determine to change the wrong positions. If you practice them and be aware of your attitudes, half of problem will be solved soon. Besides, there is some exercise which may help you cut off back pain and stay painless.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 sofa for your back support:

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Convertible Sofa Bed with Removable Armrests Brown
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Modern Plush Tufted Linen Fabric Sleeper Futon
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Here are our reviews of top 6 best sofa for back pain or back support

If you suffer from a backache, there are several ways you can reduce your pain. These can include taking regular exercise. Do not sit, stand or lay in the same position for too long. Ensure you relax effectively to reduce muscle tension.

You can also help yourself by finding a comfortable sofa or chair for back pain relief. A good quality sofa that supports your spine is important to ease pain or prevent it from getting worse. It is also worth using a pillow or cushion, such as an orthopedic pillow, to offer some more support while you relax. This support can help to keep the neck and back straight too.

An old couch, sofa or chair may be comfortable, but we can’t say it's good for your body. Your old furniture may be one of them (soft/hard), but it should support all your head, neck, shoulder, back, and hip. If you are uncomfortable after sitting a while on your sofa, then you are already in danger of having serious back trouble. For this reason, it might be worth whether your back is properly supported when you relax.

The sofas for back sufferers should include recline or convertible options to offer excellent support. If you have been suffering from a backache already then you need to take regular exercise first. Take help of a firm and supportive sofa to reduce the ache.

It will support your spinal cord, staying aligns and not giving too stress to your back or lower part. You can add some nice fluffy cushion to add more comfort. Here we have brought you some best quality sofas for back support. Have a look below

1. Merax Adjustable Sofa and Loveseat

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If you have small space and low budget but want to have a versatile sofa, then you will like the Merax Adjustable Sofa and Loveseat. It is the best sofa for back problems. It has a modern and retro twist in appearances. Made of quality micro-fabric and linen fabric.

 The cover of the couch has many-colored fabric like red, blue, yellow, white, etc. which added it a fun, modern look. The design with covered foam and four wooden cylinder legs give it a retro dimension which also very classy. It looks great when those pillows added on its seat. Yes, the sofa includes two pillows with soft poly-fill. These pillows not only adds beauty but also gives extra support while sitting.

Multiple use of Sofa

The sofa has a click clack technology to open or close it frequently. You can use it as a couch, a recliner, and a bed. Its versatility makes it more appealing to users who have back pain. This sofa is not only easy to setup but also easy to convert into all these different types of furniture.

Back Support

This sofa has soft box pattern which becomes more supportive on your back while sitting. But the same thing makes uncomfortable for your sleeping. So, you can use a blanket to level it for a comfortable sleep. Someone says its better more with a sleeping mat, and the result would be pretty much better.


  • Made of high-quality materials and well-built, soft and versatile.
  • Easy to convert to many positions from sitting to sleeping.
  • The arms and the back can be put at any positions or lay flat
  • Merax sofa includes two decorative pillows with soft poly-fill.


  • Suitable seat for two adults comfortably.
  • The bed is not that cozy for everyday use.

Overall it’s a sturdy sofa for use in your bedroom or TV-room. It’s supportive enough to sit for a long time for gaming, watching a movie and reading books. It’s comfortable and great to share with friends and family. Besides, its vivid color gives another cheerful Diamante in your house. If you have pain in your back or shoulders, the sofa will make you feel comfortable all day.

No products found.

2. Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed Review

Milliard Replacement Cover Tri-Fold Mattress and Sofa Bed - Twin XL

Here is another best sofa for back support with a very reasonable price. The Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed is for those who are looking for some simple but elegant alternative to their sofa and bed.

This sofa is good for using small flats, college dorms, family dens and even when you are traveling. We are not saying you can pack it in your backpack and go for every trip, after all, it’s more than 18 pounds. But surely it’s a great alternative for your guests or when you are a guest anywhere.

Useful for Back pain sufferers

The back pain sufferer can try this sofa for spending time on gaming, reading books or watching movies. It’s sofa cum mattress for daily use. You can use it as a sofa for two persons but a sleeping mattress for a person.

If you want to sleep comfortably with your partner, then choose the Twin XL. It comes in two different sizes, one with size 78"x38"x4 and another with 38"x29"x14 for tight space. Sometimes Milliard Tri-fold mattress is better than your air mattress.

It unfolds with minimal efforts and very comfortable to sleep. Although, people who have back problem need to sleep on a little hard surface which this sofa can provide more.

Its versatility saves you from having lots of furniture like an extra mattress for the guest. It is a unique couch for back pain. You can take it for any recreational activities of camping. It’s thick and gives a firm hold that will not bottom out in any condition.


  • The sofa is very comfortable and good for back support.
  • It comes with removable and washable covers
  • The seats are not such a compact and easy pickup
  • The fabric covers are sturdy and durable, well-made construction


  • It does not distribute body heat well.
  • Those who love softer mattress to sleep may find it bit hard.

Overall it’s a great addition to any family or game room at nine inches off the floor. Both young and adult can enjoy the mattress on their spare times or when they are working. It proves Milliard is the Best sofa for lower back support. It will save from wasting space not only for using as sitting or sleeping but also for storing.

3. Coaster Futon Casual Brown and Chrome Sofa Bed Review

Convertible Sofa Bed with Removable Armrests Brown

Here is a perfect sofa cum bed for all people who want to sit properly and with support all over their body. The Coaster Futon Sofa Bed is for larger home space with a lot more sitting capacity compare to other Best sofa for back support.

This dark brown leather sofa bed has arm rest and short legs. It has sinuous spring back with webbing, and cozy foam seating is perfect for your shoulder to lower back support. The dark brown exterior and chrome legs go great together with any type of home interior.

It is a bit firm couch for bad back. Another good thing about this sofa is it has the removable armrest. It allows accommodating more people to seat and when you are turning it into bed.

Useful for bad back

This firm couch for bad back features kiln-dried solid wood frame and the first webbing. The structure and the webbing make it more sturdy and comfortable to sit or sleep. It’s has the proper high of foam and the hard bottom that keep your body align.

This product is from China, and we all know they can make a cheap product by maintaining standard quality. All we can say, this one is the best sofa for lower back pain. It is well structured, has great finishing and durable as well.


  • Good for providing lumber support
  • Easy to assemble and convertible to a bed
  • Coaster Futon Sofa Bed has a removable armrest for more versatility
  • It looks great with any house interior


  • Need plenty space to use either sofa or bed
  • This product is a bit costly

This is the best sofa for lower back pain. It could be a complete seating furniture of your house and where space is not limited. If you think the dark brown color is not going with your home interior, you have two more color option to choose- black and tan microfiber.

Overall, it’s straightforward to convert into different forms and comfortable positions. But the most important thing about this sofa is for providing proper back support.

4. Modern Plush Tufted Linen Fabric Sofa Review

Modern Plush Tufted Linen Fabric Sleeper Futon

Divano Roma increases the appeal of the room as well as the best sofa for back pain. The Modern Plush Tufted Linen Fabric and Split back Futon is perfect for any apartment, office or any bonus room to give your space a pop of color.

This little high sofa is suitable for any rough use like watching TV, gaming, reading books. Its tufted linen fabric is very soft and safe use for adult or children. It's hypoallergenic fill gives you greatest comfort and saves from asthma or allergies.

Useful for lower back pain

The back of sofa can be spilled as your personal preference. That means you don’t need always to sit straight or not in reclining position. Its soft back allows whenever you need to adjust in any position. When you are going to flat, it ends 70x40 inches. The average size of the sofa is 77x31x31 inches.

Size of the Sofa

The size of this best couch for lower back pain is appropriate for those who live in a small apartment. This sofa fits well for seating two adults in some cases three. But when you re-position it as a bed it appears bit small. That might be a thing to consider for sleeping couples or two people. Some consumers say it is good for sleeping for one adult. So for a sleeping mattress or bed for two, you have to think about any alternative option.


  • Comfortable for sitting and sleeping for a long time lumber support
  • Allows proper support on the back, spinal cord, and lower back.
  • The back of the sofa is easy to split
  • The sofa is hypoallergenic thus safe for all members of your house.
  • Comes with some color range like, blue, white, black, gray and purple.


  • The price is little high.
  • The bed is small for sleeping adults

Overall this is the firm couch for bad back and could be a great addition to your house and your life. Its vibrant color and structure will bring life to the corner of your room. And its supportive back and seat are good for back pain patients. Also, it’s easy to re-position sofa to bed or bed to sofa without much help.

5. Bonded Leather Double Recliner Sofa  Review

DIVANO ROMA FURNITURE Bonded Leather Double Recliner Sofa Living Room Reclining...

Our fifth best sofa review is for Bonded Leather Double Recliner Sofa which is ideal for any living room. This sofa is made for sitting three adults and two for sleeping. The lever that works for re-positioning of the sofa is excellent at it service.

Any recliner you use for your home should easy to use but slow enough to reline. So while you are seating on it, you can adjust little by little so that you can find the comfort positioning. And this bonded leather double recliner sofa has that facility.

Ease for pain sufferers

This leather double recliner sofa has overstuffed high-density foam. The leather is artificial but close to original leather. That is why it’s very durable and comfortable too. The high-density memory foam provides good support to your body and makes the sitting more enjoyable.

It’s not that hard or straight that many people are looking for their back pain. But after testing, we can say it’s not like the melting butter. The height of the seat is 18 inches, and the depth is 20. So you can use even you have bad back, it won’t increase your trouble at all. You can recline the position of the sofa until you get proper back support. 


  • Made with high-density foam and soft handpicked bonded leather
  • The lever action reclining mechanism is smooth to operate
  • Requires less time and energy to assembling
  • The Bonded leather sofa is very comfortable and supportive to sit or sleep
  • Its recline option offers good support to your back


  • Very expensive in price
  • Not made of real leather

Overall it’s easy to setup, and one can use it for a long time. It's huge is size, but that is great beauty of versatile usage. It’s bit expensive but definitely worth the price.

6. Poundex Bobkona Atlantic Faux Leather Sectional Sofa Review

Poundex Bobkona Atlantic Faux Leather Sectional Sofa

Last but not least, our final best sofa reviews for back pain is Poundex Bobkona. Poundex Bobkona Atlantic is a modern Faux Leather 2-Piece Sectional Sofa. It is suitable for tall and short people alike. This sofa is ideal for a large family.

It has enough room for 5-7 people to sit at a time. The couch is comfortable for prolonged sitting. Poundex Bobkona Atlantic Faux Leather Sectional Sofa is a good choice for its Back support and Functional Armrest. It has a unique adjustable back support. You can get a quality sitting experience from this sectional sofa.

It has a unique interlocking system that connects sofa and chaise to keep fit together. Product Dimension is 77 x 34 x 29 inches. You can lay out comfortable on this sofa. The headrest is comfy too.


  • The price of this sofa is reasonable to its quality
  • Big sofa but assembly process is easy
  • The sofa is sturdy, durable and firm. It is worth the money
  • Its stylish design and appearance add value to your room.
  • The sofa provides support to your back, thus reduces pain in your back


  • Product weight is 190 pounds. So it is quite heavy
  • Not ideal for tiny spaces
  • It's hard to slide


Poundex Bobkona Atlantic Faux Leather Sectional Sofa brings life to any living room. Poundex is the best sofa for back support of a family. It is a bit hard which is good for back pain sufferers. Poundex Bobkona is also useful when you have many guests or any social events in your house.

What is the Best Sofa for Back Pain?

At first, you have to know the cause of your back pain. Back problem can start on the spinal column, the muscles of the lower back, or the vertebrae in the spine. To know where the exact problem is you have to consult with your doctor or orthopedic surgeon.

 They will suggest you after full examination what type of sofa is necessary to treat your pain. Or at least they can advise you how to lessen the problem. Mostly, the chair or sofa that gives you lumbar support is a good choice for chronic or temporary back pain.

You feel tingling, numbness when the nerve in the back is compressed or pinched. Sometimes the pain starts with numbness, but in times it becomes sharp and very harsh. In that case, you need ideal recliners with the low footstool and cozy lower back support. So you can look for a sofa that has firm back support in medium height.

A person with compressed discs of the spine or injured bones needs a couch that raises the knees above the hips. It means the lower height of sofa. So your best sofa for back pain should provide proper lumbar support.

How our habit of sitting on sofa pushes towards to back pain?

Back Pain - Watching TV

But one question remains, those who don’t have any back pain issues can sit on the standard squishy sofa. After all, we love soft furniture that makes us feel comfortable. But experts say soft furniture like sofa, bed, armchair, bed, etc. are not healthy to use for a long run.

These comfy sofas encourage people to slouch more than sitting in the wrong position. It is human nature to stay or relax as much comfort as he can. It is a fact that sitting with good posture may be less comfortable. But it provides excellent support to your back and reduces the possibilities of any back pain.

So, don’t get confused about the cozy modern sofa with fancy fabric or design. If it’s not supportive for your back and the lower part, it will pay you more money, time and energy in future when you will become a patient of back pain.

Sitting on a soft sofa with less shoulder support can add a tremendous pressure to your backbone. It sometimes overstretches your spinal ligament tissues. It increases the pressure on your inter-vertebral discs and leads to severe aches or pain.

The Price You Pay for a Sedentary Lifestyle

Many studies show that sitting in a bad posture or sitting for a long time without any major movements can cause significant harm to your health. This type of sedentary lifestyles has increased the risk of disease. Furthermore-

People who sit for a long time in a stationary position most of the day are in mortality risk 1.5 higher than who spend more time in physical movement/works.

Those who do not perform physical activity and spend a lot of time watching TV, gain weight. Even their physical labor and medicine can’t help them to stay healthy. Watching TV for a long time encourages them less movement but more eating.

In Western countries, people spend around 55 to 70% of their time in sitting a day. Thus seven people out of ten suffer lower back pain at least once in their life. Individuals who wear high heels or hunching over the smartphone often suffer like this.

It’s a common problem around the globe. People are now engaging in desk work which does not need physical movement. It’s ideal to sit with your knees level with your hips and lower back properly supported. Also, keep your foot on the level of the floor without crossing to avoid back pain.

How to practice good posture to avoid back pain?

All type of back pain is causing for bad posture (apart from the serious/minor injuries). So you can avoid or reduce your back pain by performing good posture during sitting on a sofa or chair. Even neck, shoulder or back pain caused by physical injuries can be treated with proper posture. But for that, you need to consult with your doctor first. Here we are going to talk about four steps that will help you to lead towards good posture.


Here we are going to perform a game without making your eye tired. Imagine how ice skater or ballet performance. They have a different posture of standing straight. They balance their head, toe, and body without giving stress on them. Stand straight on the flat floor barefoot and imagine you are standing like a pole.

All your head, chin, neck, shoulder, hips, and toes should be straight. Now, imagine a cord or wire trying to pulling your head up. Gradually raise the head as much you can. Don’t allow your lower back to sway or stand on your toes. Try to stretch your rib cage and pelvis as much as you can without breaking the position.

Shoulder blade squeeze

This one is more fun and comfortable to do. Sit up straight on a sofa or a chair and keep the hands on your thighs. Keep your chin level and shoulder down. Now slowly draw the shoulders your back to end or as much as your squeeze it. Now hold on there and count down 5-1, repeat the process for at least four times.

Upper-body stretch

Stand again on a floor barefooted, straight opposite to a wall and raise your hands. Your elbows should be shoulder height and one foot ahead of the other. Now start to bend your front knee exhale while you lean the body toward the corner.

Try to keep your chest and back as much you can and the head is up. In this position, you should feel a gentle stretch across your chest. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then come back to normal position and relax. Repeat the process for three times.

Arm-across-chest stretch

Repeat three times on each side. Stand again on the floor and raise your right arm to shoulder in front of you. Keep the forearm parallel to the floor bend the elbow. Now gently pull the right elbow across your chest grasp the right elbow with your left hand. So you will feel a stretch in the upper arm and the shoulder on the right side. Hold the position for 20 sec then release. Repeat it to your lift arm.

You don’t need to perform this imagery or posture exercise like workouts one or two times. Practice them throughout the day when you get the chance. Move after 20 min from sitting and practice one of them or all. Or after taking a nap. Soon, you reliant on them and they will become your habit.

Final Thoughts

Even though you are not feeling anything odd, but later nobody can guaranty it will stay fine always. Lack of exercise, sitting for a long time without moving not only causes back pain or muscle pain, it actually can cut off the years of your life.

The more you sit, the less your body want to move or interest in any physical work which is harmful to health. Also if you use chairs or sofas which are not supportive to your back or lower portion correctly, it can affect negatively to your body.

The hard/soft, high or low furniture can increase the back pain and make you uncomfortable during work. So, increase your physical activity, eat healthy food, never miss your good night sleep and enjoy the above best sofa for relieving back pain.


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