How to find out the best quality sofa beds or sleeper sofa?

The best quality sofa beds are the heart of a living room. You should know how to find out a good quality sofa bed among all the sofas available in the market. Best quality sleeper sofa ensures that you don’t have to replace it within a couple of years.

I hope this article will help you find the right quality sofa bed. There are many factors that responsible for a quality sofa bed. You need to look at the following things on a sofa bed when you buy them.

The Frame of the best quality sofa beds:

How long a sofa will last mostly depends on the frame. A high-quality sofa has a robust and sturdy frame. You may look for kiln-dried hardwoods. The best quality sofa bed frame should make out from dried hardwood. If a dry wood in a kiln is constructed for the couch, it becomes strong and sturdy. Durable metal frames can also work well.

A cheap sofa bed is made from soft wood, particle board or plywood. A sturdy frame made from solid wood lasts for years while cheap wood or sofa ultimately warps and cracks. A poor quality frame can also cause it to break quickly. Because of the hardwood frame, a quality sofa generally lasts for 10 or 12 years. But a cheaply made sofa last for about 3 to 5 years.

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Joints, connections and springs:

You need to check the joints and connections how well they fit together. The quality sofa has the joints well fitted with corner blocks, double doweled. It is advisable to buy a sofa bed that can be assembled easily. A good-quality sofa needs to have a suspension system. Use the right amount of springs. This spring system also gives the best support as well as comfort. They are primarily responsible for comfortableness of a sofa bed.

Check the Quality of Mattress:

The sleeper sofa is used as a sofa as well as the bed. If it is used as a sleeping bed, then you have to give attention to the mattress. A high-quality, durable mattress is necessary for that. The mattress needs to be comfortable also for a good night sleep. A quality mattress offers better support when sleeping or seating.

Quality does not mean super comfortable but a standard support. An innerspring or memory foam mattress offers better support as well as comfort. A cheap sofa sages easily. It does not provide good support for the seat and the back.


You need to determine which cushion filling is used for your sofa that you will buy. The polyester fiber, foam, and feather are the most commonly used. Each type has their own qualities. For seat cushions, check if the cushions are reversible.

The cushion can be used for a long time if they can be flipped around. For cushion, Make sure you get the high-density foam. Lesser-quality foam can start breaking down quickly, causing sags. The seat cushion should fit the sofa frame correctly.

Mechanism of sofa bed:

The convertible mechanisms are one of the best features of a quality sleeper sofa. Check whether it opens and closes quickly. Click clack and Pull out are the most common opening mechanism of a quality sofa bed. Avoid sofa beds that make noise or loose materials. Cheap sleeper sofa made from less sturdy materials.

The most common problem about the cheap sofa beds is that you can feel the metal parts of the mechanism through the mattress. You need to check the mechanism is not heavy and easy to operate. Make sure you don’t feel any of the mechanism rather feel everything is smooth and comfortable. Easier mechanism transforms your sleeper sofa from sofa to bed easily and vice versa.

Color Durability:

The quality sofa should have the color durability. The color doesn’t fade away quickly. In this perspective, leather sofa and some high-quality fabric sofa have the color durability. A neutral color allows changing the whole outlook of a room by changing its decor accessories.

How to find the best Quality Sleeper Sofa beds

Sofa bed Materials:

You may find sofa bed from a different variety of materials such as Leather or Fabrics. Leather sofas are durable if they are real leather and can go for a lifetime. These are quality sofa if you can afford it. On the other hand, a quality fabric sofa is high priced. They don’t absorb dust and easy to clean. Both materials have advantages, but you need to pick the quality one.

There are different types of leather. Full-grain is the high quality and most durable leather. The cheaper sleeper sofa is found split-grain leather on the sides and back of it. They give the looks of being leather or vinyl stuff, not real leather.


Manufacturing Company makes sure the standard of a thing by providing warranties. You must know your warranty. Quality can be assessed through the warranties the seller gives to any sleeper sofas. When you buy a product, the manufacturer stands behind the product. They assure a certain level of quality and reliability.

Customer Reviews

You can identify the quality of sleeper sofa by reading the online reviews. You can get a comprehensive idea of a particular sofa from the people who have already bought it. Make sure to read reviews about the frame, legs, mattress, cushion and so on.  Ensure that past customer was happy and satisfied before you finally buy it.

Stain Resistance Sofa:

You need a clean and dry sofa to cut the degree of allergens in a home. The quality sofas are hypoallergenic and safe for all. The leather sofas are commonly hypoallergenic. Some high-quality fabric sofa is stain resistant. They are suitable for any allergic patients.

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You cannot get the quality sofa beds at a low price. Always try to buy the best quality sofa beds if you can afford. Please be informed that if you buy from a reputable company, they will be able to tell you the inside things of a sofa bed that are not visible from the outside. So, by now, you have become known what to look for when buying a quality sofa bed.


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